Posted July 24, 2014
SMRPodcast #218: Chicken Wings And Beer Part 22

Episode #218 of the SMRpodcast is online and ready for download.  Robb is back from vacation, but, Rod is still on the road.  Since it's just a two man show with Chris and Robb we hit you with Chicken Wings and Beer part 22.

We start the show off with talks of Jamaica and where you can get the best Jerk Chicken.  Short of someones grandmother cooking Jerk on the side of a mountain, Scotchies in Montego Bay is on point…
There was a lot of new out of Microsoft starting with comments from Satya Nadella last week about the 12,000 plus layoffs and continuing with Microsoft's earnings call.  It looks like Microsoft is going to refocus on on cloud and is merging all of it's Windows versions in to a single version.
Rumor has it that Apple has put in a massive order of 80 to 90 million iPhone 6 devices for the end of this year.  It's no secret the each iPhone release has been bigger than the one before it, but, such an increase for Apple takes things to a whole new level.  Increased screen sizes are going to either be a hit (highly likely) or a bust.  This many devices ordered leaves no room for middle ground.
Chris tells Robb how easy it is to re-screen a patio sliding door, Microsoft kills the Surface Mini, and Google Chromebook education sales skyrocket.  We've got all this, our pick, plus a tangent on new TV shows in episode #218 of the SMRpodcast.

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  • Recorded: July 22nd, 2014
  • Published: July 24rd, 2014
  • Duration: 01hr 25min 00sec

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Big stories we covered this week

  • Microsoft begins layoffs and also reporting their financial numbers for Q4
  • Google has sold 1 million Chromebooks to schools in the last three months
  • Apple has ordered 70 -80 Million iPhones ahead of launch

Other stories we covered this week

  • Verizon quintuples upload speeds to match download speeds
  • We discuss if Microsoft doing the right things to right the ship
  • New movies and TV shows to check out.

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