Posted April 24, 2013
SMRPodcast #161: Baby Monitors

SMRpodcast Episode #161 is online and ready for download.  The full cast is back together for the first time an several weeks and we almost immediately jump into the tech…

We talk Apple and Netflix earnings, and,  call out the peons that believe Microsoft is going to go out of business because of Windows 8.
An AP Twitter account got phished and a false Tweet about the White house being bombed caused the Dow to drop over 100 points in 4 minutes.  Rod sees two-factor authentication coming to Twitter sooner rather than later.
We discuss rumors of a Nokia Phablet, an 8 inch Windows Tablet, and much, much more, plus our picks in episode #161 of the SMRpdocast…

Show Details

  • Recorded: April 23rd, 2013
  • Published: April 24th, 2013
  • Duration: 01hr 31min 00sec


Opening Thoughts

  • Rod is back with us this week
  • Happy belated birthday to our friend Allison Sheridan

We talk about iPhone sales and usage stats vs Android sales and usage stats

  • Chris says that both companies should use the stats that make them look good
  • Rod feels the usage stat is more important than people think
  • Robb feels that the the stats are important but probably should be limited to Samsung users

Apple’s numbers are in and we talk about some of the important

  • Rod talks about the numbers that were released
  • Chris wants to know if there value is down or now accurate.
  • Robb feels Apple has hit a critical mass

Microsoft’s posts record sales for this quarter

  • Chris talks about how Microsoft could have did well even with PC sales down
  • Robb reminds people where Microsoft makes there money
  • Rod talks about how some Microsoft haters talked about their numbers

Other topics we covered

  • Netflix has been doing great
  • Acer has some interesting devices
  • More….

Picks of the Week