Posted May 28, 2015
SMRpodcast #255: Got ‘Em!


SMRpodcast episode #255 is online and ready for download.  Rod is out this week, but, Terrance Gaines,  a.k.a. BrothaTech covers along with Robb and Chris.

This is the slowest time of the year when it comes to technology and there aren't a ton of big stories floating around the interwebs, but, one that peaked the interst of Chris, Robb, and Terrance was the announcement that all new 2016 Chevy vehicles will come with bot Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  It seems like the auto manufacturers are finally starting to understand that consumers want their in-dash systems to integrate with their smartphones.

Reddit users have discovered a bug in iOS which allows anyone to crash an iPhone by sending it a text with a specific string of characters in the message. There appears to be  a glitch in the way iOS devices render Arabic text which will cause an iPhone or iPad to reboot when a message is recieved and displayed on the lock screen.

The next version of Android will allow users to authenticate into apps via a fingerprint scan.   It would appear that biometric authentication methods like Apple ID are here to stay and the time for passwords alone is coming to an end.

Cortana is coming to Android and iOS while Apple tries to make Siri more like Google Now and Cortana, The TWiT network kills chat and live streams of regularly schedule shows, the Silk Road create could spend decaudes behind bars, and Periscope is finally out for Android.  We've got all this, our picks, and more in episode #255 of the SMRpodcast.

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