Posted February 20, 2015
SMRpodcast #244: Chicken Wings and Beer Part 28


Episode #244 of the SMRpodcast is online and ready for download.  It's just Chris and Robb this week, and, when it is just the two big men, they hit you with Chicken Wings and Beer, part 28.

There were only a few stream of consciousness tangents this week, as, we actually covered a lot of tech ranging from Apple trying to become a trillion dollar company, and, possibly adding driverless cars to it's portfolio,  Microsoft killing Rooms and collectively ticking off most Windows Phone users, and Google getting ready to release Android 5.1 while most users can't even get Android 5.0 yet.

We also talk AT&T stepping up and offer T-Mobile like packages,  ponder if Microsoft is considering buying DropBox, and we have a an audio clip form Allison Sheridan explaining why simply deleting unused accounts from your password vault may not be a good idea.  We've got all this, our picks and more in episode #244 of the SMRpodcast.

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