Posted February 12, 2015
SMRPodcast #243: Gordon Shumway


Episode #243 of the SMRpodcast is online and ready for download. Robb is out, therefore, Chris and Rod are left to carry the show.

We start the show with a quick update on Rod’s travels as well as Robb’s then quickly move into some home networking issues as well as tips for our listeners. Our first tech story of the week is validating if all the concern over Samsung’s voice recognition was warranted.

Next, we felt compelled to discuss the twitter hack that occurred with the CEO and offer some tips into securing online accounts. At this point, we move into the big story of the week which finds a large healthcare company being hacked ending in millions of customer data being stolen.

A few other stories we covered are Microsoft and Samsung settling their patent dispute, is the new iOS and Android Outlook client really insecure, and much more.

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Chris Ashley — @bigchrisashley
Robb Dunewood — @robbdunewood
Rod Simmons — @rodsimmons


DLink DAP-2553 — Wireless Access Point

HP Stream 7 — Original series crime drama on Netflix