Posted December 17, 2014
SMRpodcast #236: Sonyed Is The New Netflixed

SMRpodcast episode #236 is online and ready for download.  The crew tried something a little different this week with a call for show topics from the minions via Instagram hashtag #SMRpodcast.  We cover the defection of a couple of prominent Windows Phone users to other platforms, more fallout from the Sony hacking debacle, Skype Translator, and, much, much more.  Check out the full show notes and our picks of the week after the jump.

Microsoft has released Skype Translator into beta and is taking registrations for users that want to test it out.  You simply set up a Skype Video or Voice call with a person that speaks another language and start talking.  Translator is currently available in English and Spanish and other languages are coming.

Prominent Windows Phone users Ed Bot and Tom Warren recently announced that they would be switching from Windows Phone to other smartphone platforms.  Ed's biggest complaint, as he explains in his blog post, is the lack of carrier support for firmware updates to Windows Phone hardware.  Tom Warren cites lack of application support as his biggest reason for switching away from Windows Phone.

The Sony hack, also known as the biggest security breach in private sector corporate history is still dominating headlines.  Hackers are continuing to release terabytes of stolen data and have promised some of their juiciest leaks yet to come out on Christmas day.  The crew talks about both the tech aspect of the hack and the social and legal ramifications for Sony and news outlets reporting on the leaked information.

Google pulls Google News out of Spain, Tech Giants rally behind Microsoft in its fight against the U.S. on cloud computing, Apple found not guilty in the iPod anti-trust suit, and Rod really like the movie Sex Tape.  We've got all this, our picks, and more in episode #236 of the SMRpodcast.

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