Posted December 10, 2014
SMRpodcast #235: Whatever You Like

whatever-you-likeSMRpodcast episode #235, after an unplanned hiatus last week, has been recorded, is online, and ready for download.  We've got a full crew with Robb, Rod, and Chris this week and we waste little time jumping into the top tech stories over the last 10 days or so.  This isn't a Chicken Wings and Beer episode, but, we do go off on a non tech tangent or two that you are sure to enjoy.

We kick this weeks' episode off the story of a different kind of police encounter than what we've  hearing about lately.  Trying to describe it doesn't do it justice so you'll just have to listen.

The big tech news over the last week or so is the massive security breach at Sony, which, at least for right now, may be the largest (that we've heard of) to date.  Hackers with a seemingly personal vendetta against Sony broke into the network and apparently took “Whatever They Like”.  This breach was so massive that it is arguably  easier answer questions about  what the hackers didn't get as compared to what they got.

Destiny got a new expansion pack titled “The Dark Below” which adds and new story line to the console based mmorpg/fps.  Chris has already put time in on the expansion and says that it is awesome.  Robb plans to check it out when he has down time over the holiday season.

Robb gets a new Cable Modem and DVR, Rod is in search of the perfect 7 to 8 inch tablet, Chris is on a mission to acquire every $99 Windows Tablet on the market.  We've got all this, our picks, and more in episode#235 of the SMRpodcast.