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Published April 3, 2014

Episode #203 of the SMRPodcast has been recorded. posted an is ready for your consumption. This weeks finds us limping a little as our third leg Robb is on vacation however, Rod and Chris still give you a good show.

We start the show recapping our hole digging adventures which found Chris and Rod using a pretty big power tool but not very well. As soon as we get into tech we discuss the new Office for the iPad then immediately go into the revelation of the dealings between RSA and the NSA.

After getting into some conversation about the battle between Aereo and CBS, we also have some fun talking about the worse movie Chris has seen in a long time. We have all this and more on this weeks episode of the SMRPodcast.

Show Details

  • Recorded: April 01st, 2014
  • Published: April 02nd, 2014
  • Duration: 01hr 25min 47sec

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Big stories we covered this week

  • We discuss our feelings on Office for the iPad
  • RSA and the NSA
  • We continue to weigh in on Aereo and the battle with networks

Other stories we covered this week

  • Digging holes in Rods yard was quite the experience
  • The worst movie Chris has seen in a long time
  • Upgrading the Xbox TV watching experience

Picks of the Week