Posted May 9, 2013
SMRPodcast #163: Mr. Silverado

SMRpodcast episode #163 is online and ready for download.  We had a full crew this week, but, we talked about whatever we wanted like we do in the Chicken Wings and Beer episodes…

This week we start with the story of how Chris' OCD caused him to buy a new truck.  We also touch on automated cars and if we would drive them.
None of us would be willing to $1500 for Google Glass, but, we all probably would get one once the price comes down.  We also think that that other companies will come out with their version of Google Glass, as, wearable computing is here to stay.
In other news it looks like tax-free online shopping is going bye-bye, Microsoft sells 500 million copies of Windows 8 in roughly the same amount of time as they did Windows 7, and the next XBox will not require an always on internet connection.
We've got all this, our, picks, and more in episode #163 of the SMRpodcast…

Show Details

  • Recorded: May 7th, 2013
  • Published: May 8th, 2013
  • Duration: 01hr 32min 00sec


Big stories we covered this week

  • We discuss Google Glass and
  • Google and Tesla in talks about a driverless car
  • Looks like tax free online shopping is going away we way in
  • The next Xbox to Have online and offline gaming

Fun Moments

  • Robb brings up the SNL Google Glass Skit
  • Chris invokes Robb’s because I am me status
  • Rod thinks he may or may not have made an incorrect statement (everyone else knows he did)

Picks of the Week