Posted March 20, 2013
SMRPodcast #156: I Thought We Were Boys

Episode #156 of the SMRpodcast, I Thought We Were Boys, has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download. This week finds the gang all together and we jump right in to giving each other a deserved hard time over a few of last weeks happenings. When we get into tech talk Chris gives hos 24 hour view of the BlackBerry Z10 while Robb receives so,e ribbing for not having one. The boys also have to discuss Google dropping reader and Samsung's awful unveiling of the Galaxy S4.

Of course we get into some Windows Phone talk this week, along with some random news events that each found interesting so enjoy Episode 156 of the SMRPodcast.

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Show Details

  • Recorded: March 20th, 2013
  • Published: March 21st, 2013
  • Duration: 01hr 40min 00sec



Opening Thoughts
  • Someone got left off the surprise party invite list
  • Chris tells another one of his childhood stories
The BlackBerry Z10 released this week
  • Rod teases Robb about not getting one
  • Robb explains his delay
  • Chris talks about his first 24 hours switching from Windows Phone to the Z10
Google ending support for Reader
  • Chris says he was not into it that much
  • Robb is looking for alternatives but explains his heavy usage
Samsung has the worst phone launch ever
  • Rod talks about how bad the launch was
  • Robb says he didn’t watch it until her heard the complaints
Random Topics
  • Add blocking removed from Google Play Store
  • AT&T leaker gets 41 months
  • Skype for Windows Phone updated
  • Verizon not getting the HTC One x
Picks of the Week