Posted March 13, 2013
SMRPodcast #155: Unwanted, Unloved

Episode #155 of the SMRpodcast has been recorded, posted and ready for download with two of the three hosts this week. On Unwanted, Unloved, we start out talking about Google snubbing users of their web apps on Windows Phone with their latest update then move into what Chris feels is a surprising reaction to BlackBerry 10.

We also have to get into a quick discussion over Samsung smack talking Microsoft and Windows 8 and some sighs of relief as Microsoft backtracks there Office 2013 licensing.

All this and more of course done in the SMRPodcast style

Show Details

  • Recorded: March 12th, 2012
  • Published: March 13th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 17min 00sec



Opening Thoughts
  • Robb has ditched us this week but Rod is here so we must carry on
Rod mentions some of the news surrounding RIM this week
  • Rod talks how the BlackBerry 10 is getting some tough reviews
  • Chris mentions that some reviewers can not be trusted
  • We also talk about the rumor of Lenovo buying RIM
A brief discussion about Google’s Chrome book
  • Rod  lays down his thoughts on the Chrome book
  • Chris also covers what he believes is Google’s strategy around their laptop
Microsoft reverses their policy on Office 13 licensing and more
  • We talk about the new Office 2013 License policy
  • Chris talks about Nokia’s potential acknowledgement of a Microsoft Windows Phone
  • We also talk about the lack of new Windows Phone devices since November
Other topics covered
  • Samsung smack talking Microsoft and Windows 8
  • Google snubbing Windows Phone again
  • Cross platform NFC
Picks of the Week