Posted November 7, 2012
SMRPodcast #142: Smartphone Intervention

Episode #142 of the SMRPodcast, Smartphone Intervention, has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download. This week we have Brent hanging with us again and we jump right into a little gaming talk with the release of Halo 4. We also take the time to talk about out Surface tablets and even offer some on the spot tips on how to use it. Of course we have to take some time to beat each other up however we discuss out thoughts on Some cool new Android news coming up and some not so good news for HTC.

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Show Details

  • Recorded: November 6th, 2012
  • Published: November 7th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 17min 00sec



Opening Thoughts

  • Rob changes his name to Master Chief
  • Chris talks about waiting in line for Halo 4

We talk about our second week with the Surface

  • Brent mentions a few frustrations that he has with the Surface
  • Robb is waiting for his Pro Device
  • Chris offers two tips for using the Surface
  • Rod talks about his need for Outlook

There is a rumor about an Xbox Tablet

  • Robb is wondering why the Xbox is not more portable yet
  • Brent agrees with a basic set of specs
  • Chris talks about the rumored device that Microsoft is building
  • Rod agrees that he would get one for his kids

Chris Mentions that the Windows Phone 8 devices are launching Friday

  • Robb talks about playing with the Lumia 920
  • Rod says that he is getting the HTC 8X
  • Brent is considering grabbing a device too

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