Posted October 5, 2012
SMRPodcast #137: Audio Equipment from Walgreens

In episode #137 of the SMRpodcast, we are joined by BlackBerry Hank who joins us right after he returned from BlackBerry Jam, San Jose.  We talk a lot about BlackBerry 10, the future of RIM, and BlackBerry 10 Apps.

We also touch on Windows 8, whether or not the iPhone 5 is worth it, and Rod kind of likes Jelly Bean on his rooted GS3.  We've got all this plus our picks in episode #137 of the SMRpodcast…

Show Details

  • Recorded: October 3rd, 2012
  • Published: October 4th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 16min 00sec



Opening Thoughts

  • We Welcome BlackBerry Hank to the show
  • We explain the reason for the recording delay

We ask Hank to talk about BlackBerry Jam

  • Robb wants to know if BlackBerry has a chance
  • Hank explains why he is fired up after seeing the prototype BlackBerry 10 devices
  • Chris thinks that BlackBerry will retain more fans with their new device.

What will BlackBerry need to succeed

  • Robb feels major apps need to be available day one
  • Hank agrees with Robb
  • Rod feels alternative apps will do too
  • Chris does not think that apps will matter to the hardcore fan

Is Apple losing their iPhone luster

  • Robb wants to know if apple is losing some of there luster
  • Rod says yes even though they will be OK
  • Chris agrees that they have but maybe there is nothing left for them to do

Chris says that AT&T may be announcing the Lumia 920 tomorrow

  • Robb says he will wait for Verizon
  • Hank says he is willing to try a Windows Phone
  • Rod says he would really like the Surface Concept phone

Picks of the Week