Posted February 1, 2012
SMRPodcast #102: Number One Somewhere

Episode #102 of the SMRpodcast, Number One Somewhere, has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download. This week Rod seeks out to get some vindication against Robb in what turns out to be a very funny moment. We talk about Rod switching back to iPhone because of Android reboot issues and Robb has a solid plan to help RIM get back on track. Finally Chris points out some solid Windows Phone news from the last week including Brandon Watson setting people straight.

Show Details

  • Recorded: January 31st, 2012
  • Published: February 1st, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 09min 00sec


Opening Thoughts

  • Rod points out that Robb could have been mistaken about his tablet travel intentions
  • Robb defends himself by pointing out Rod may have incorecty inferred is intentions
  • Chris sits back and laughs

We talk about Rod’s reboot issue on his Galaxy Nexus

  • Rod switched back to iPhone because his Galaxy Nexus kept rebooting
  • Robb says Rod just has bad luck with phones
  • Chris is wondering if Google reader reboots too

We get into a conversation about return policies for carriers

  • Rod said he was forced to return the phone because there was two days left on the return policy
  • Chris says he hates that carriers use that policy
  • Robb explains why they use that method for returning devices

Robb points out that RIM should be working on deal with Amazon

  • Robb feels that an Amazon deal would help give app credibility to their platform
  • Rod says that they should make the deal before Amazon does it without them
  • Chris says he has no faith that RIM can right their ship

We discuss Microsoft and Windows Phone news

  • Chris brings up another reason why Brandon Watson is great for Windows Phone
  • Rod is happy to hear that Barnes and Noble lost their suit against Microsoft

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