Posted January 25, 2012
SMRPodcast #101: Finger in a light socket

Episode #101 of the SMRpodcast, Finger In The Light Socket, has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download. In this episode we talk about RIM’s CEO shake up and Rod’s back from vacation. Someone broke the ruled to the tablet travel challenge. We also talk about Nokia’s Windows Phone sales numbers and Rod has a pet peeve about the Galaxy Nexus.

Show Details

  • Recorded: January 24th, 2012
  • Published: January 25th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 18min 30sec



Opening Thoughts

  • We jump right into RIM’s CEO shake up
  • Rod says the new CEO has already made the wrong statements
  • Robb says that the stock prices are taking a hit
  • Chris says it’s still time for RIM to adopt Windows Phone

We talk about Rod’s vacation and travelling with just a tablet

  • Rod says the iPad really slowed down his productivity
  • Robb switched to his laptop because he saw the same problem
  • Chris talks about travelling with just the Acer Iconia

Chris Had a debate on another site about a Windows Phone review

  • Chris took issue with the reviewer missing a few features
  • Robb says that is difficult to separate what you are used to in a review
  • Rod points out an issue with a complaint about screen resolution

Nokia already accounting for almost half of the Windows Phones

  • Chris says that it is not surprising but good for Nokia
  • Robb says it makes sense as this is the only Phone they are pushing
  • Rod agrees with Robb

Rod talks about some intuitive features of the iPhone vs. the Galaxy Nexus

  • Rod points out some subtle things that make the experience on an iPhone better than Android
  • Robb is wondering if any phone will make Rod Happy

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