Posted April 15, 2010
#15 Kicked in the Junk

Record Date Wed April 14th 2010

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Record Date Wed April 14th, 2010


Rod Simmons (SimpleMobileReview)

Chris Ashley (SimpleMobileReview)

Robb Dunewood (RIMarkable)

Show Topics

Opera Mini approved for Apple App store

  • Who saw that coming
  • Chris and Robb say they did it to keep rejecting other apps
  • Rod says it is because it is a POS

Palm looking to get bought out

  • We talk about possible suitors
  • Robb comments on Palms horrible email client

Chris reviews one week with the Nexus

  • Some issues with messaging
  • Some issues with calling
  • Overall he likes the phone

Adobe suing Apple

  • Rod says there are some legitimate reasons for Apple to block Adobe's code
  • Chris is interested to see on what grounds
  • Robb says Gangster Steve is at it again

Apple announces iPhone 4.0 features

  • Chris says that good features but overall nothing game changing
  • Rod says that the email feature is really good
  • Robb says that Apple left the door open for other platforms

Microsoft announces Kin 1 and Kin 2 messaging phone

  • Robb says De La Soul needs to do the commercials for them
  • Rod says the phones look decent
  • Chris says that pricing is key

Mentioned Links

Enhancing NitroDesk TouchDown for Exchange

Picks of the Week

Jawbone The Hero ( Bluetooth Headset ) Rod Simmons (SimpleMobileReview)

Twitter for BlackBerry ( Internet Sharing App) Robb Dunewood (RIMarkable)

Touchdown ( Email app for Android ) Chris Ashley (SimpleMobileReview)

Special Thanks to Laura Tsaggaris for the Music

The song in this weeks podcast is called Go and Do Everything ( Again )

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Laura Tsaggaris is a Pittsburgh, PA native, who now calls Washington, DC home. Laura is currently touring and working in support of her second full-length independent recording, Keep Talking. Tsaggaris has delivers a focused collection of songs peppered with hard-won insight. Her unique writing style, electric stage performance, and glowing national press for this new record serve as proof that Laura Tsaggaris has arrived and is here to stay.

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