Posted January 4, 2012
SMRPodcast #98: Kiss the Ring

Episode #98 of the SMRpodcast, Kiss The Ring, has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download. This is the first episode of the new year and we pick up right were we left off with all the laughs you can handle. This weeks episode we talk about RIM possibly replacing their CEOs and what they can do to save 2012. We also talk about the beef between Verizon and Windows Phone 7 and Rod gives us his early impressions of his new Android Phone.

Show Details

  • Recorded:January 3rd, 2012
  • Published:January 4th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 12min 00sec



Opening Thoughts

  • Rod is getting closer to cutting the cable
  • Chris points out some of the flaws in his mindset
  • Robb is also interested to see how if he could drop the cable company

We discuss RIM possible replacing the CEO’s

  • Rod asks Robb his opinion of replacing the CEO’s
  • Robb gives his thoughts and wonders how it got this bad

We discuss what can be done to salvage 2012 for TIM

  • Robb says they should be talking to Amazon
  • Rod wonders why can’t the go with Android
  • Chris says they should still adopt Windows Phone 7

Why is Verizon uninterested in Windows Phone 7

  • Chris is very annoyed with Verizon not getting a new LTE phone
  • Robb says it is for Microsoft to convince Verizon to carry the Device
  • Rod questions weather a plan for Microsoft to invest in AT&T would work

Rod Talks about his new Android Phone

  • Robb wants to know Rod’s early impressions
  • Rod says although the new ICS interface is nicer it is still and Android Phone
  • Rod also talks about the voice commands on the device
  • Chris is  wondering how long before the phone is in water


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