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Published August 31, 2011

Hosts:Rod Simmons, Chris Ashley,Brent Harman, Robb Dunewood

  • Recorded: August 30th, 2011
  • Published: August 31st, 2011
  • Duration: 1hr min sec

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Opening Thoughts

  • Brent is back from a 4600 mile trip
  • Rod is wondering if the storm affected the trip at all

We give our thoughts on Steve Jobs retirement

  • We all agree it is huge news
  • Brent is wondering if it is health or is he ready to move on
  • Rod mentions Leo Laporte’s comments about Steve Jobs
  • We all disagree with them

Robb talks about his excitement for BlackBerry 7

  • Robb is reinvigorated about the prospects of BlackBerry
  • Rod thinks that an upgrade from BlackBerry 7 devices would be huge news
  • Chris still ribs Robb about BlackBerry

Robb brings up Windows Phone 7 Sales

  • BIG Argument ensues

We talk about HP and their PC Business

  • Brent says things are not as they appear in the news
  • Rod mentions Samsung as a suitor for the HP business
  • Chris says they should have stuck with Mark Hurd as CEO
  • Robb agrees he has a vision for HP

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Opening Song

Watch Out Now The Beatnuts – Amazon