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Published August 17, 2011

Hosts:Rod Simmons, Chris Ashley,Brent Harman, Robb Dunewood

  • Recorded: August 16th, 2011
  • Published: August 17th, 2011
  • Duration: 1hr 03min sec

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Opening Thoughts

  • We give Rod a hard time about his opening

BlackBerry has new devices out

  • Robb talks about his early thoughts of using the new BlackBerry
  • Rod mentions he has friends that are happy they got the new device

We compare what makes a phone cool

  • Robb thinks that Microsoft needs Windows Phone 7 displays to be cooler
  • Rod brings up the fact that they are working on it
  • Chris says there needs to be a demo mode on the phone

Our thoughts on Google’s purchase of Motorola

  • Rod says that it is clearly a patent play
  • Robb says that the open nature of Android may make it a level playing field for other manufacturers
  • Chris says that Microsoft and Apple don’t care about Motorola’s patents

We talk about NFC

  • Robb is wondering if we find NFC to be a big deal
  • Rod says not now
  • Chris says he would like to have it

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Opening Song

Show it Off – Beres Hammond – Amazon