Posted February 18, 2016
SMRpodcast #287: What have I done


SMRpodcast episode #287 is online and ready for download. We are back as a full team this week and the show is packed full of energy and fun. We jump right into the news with our thoughts on who is purchasing the new Tesla model 3 which is on sale starting March 31st.

Next, the hosts play an audio recording from Minion Joel, who presents his early thoughts on using Continuum from Windows 10 Mobile all day. After the audio, the guys discuss if this is Microsoft’s bet on the future of computing.

The big story of the week finds us discussing the court decision that Apple must help the FBI break into a terrorist’s iPhone. The discussion rolls into a great discussion to determine if any of this is a good idea.
We've got all this, our picks and more in episode #287 of the SMRpodcast


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