Posted June 16, 2015
SMRpodcast #258: Wholly Better


SMRpodcast episode #258 is online and ready for download. This week we recorded a bit early to accommodate Allison’s schedule and as such, Robb could not make it. No need to fear, an excellent show is still at hand.
To start the show we have a quick update and clarification on the new Google Photos feature from Rod and Allison offers her opinion on the new capabilities.
Allison gives us a more thorough review of the Apple’s announcements from WWDC and also provides us with context around many of the features that were announced.
On a gaming note E3 is this week and Microsoft has started the week off with a bang. Announcing Oculus Headsets will ship with Xbox One controllers, 100 Xbox 360 titles will be compatible on the Xbox One, Game Streaming is now available on the Windows 10 Beta and much more. Chris takes time to mention all announcements that came out on day one and which ones have him the most excited.

Finally, we take some time to discuss the recent data breach that occurred with password vault company LastPass. We discuss how much you should be worried about the breach as well as provide a few links to help you with your passwords.

We've got all this, our picks, and more in episode #258 of the SMRpodcast.

Helpful Password Links

Check your password strength

Generate Secure passwords

Should you worry about the Lastpass breach

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