Posted March 26, 2015
SMRpodcast #249: Chicken Wings and Beer Part 29

SMRpodcast episode #249 is online and ready for download.  It's just Chris and Robb this week, so, we hit you with Chicken Wings and Beer part 29.

It was an incredibly slow week for tech since the last episode of the show, but, Chris and Robb do manage to cover Samsung and Microsoft working out deal to install more MS products on Samsung Tablets and Phones.  They both believe that this is the right move for Microsoft because they have awesome apps that are just flat out better than most of their competition.

Facebook plans to allow third party apps to integrate with Facebook Messenger.  We talk about how all of Facebook was ticked off when Messenger was stripped out from within the Facebook app, but, admit that Messenger is actually a pretty slick and useful app that most everyone uses, if not, has access to.

Google plans to allow its users to pay bills via Gmail with a new service called Pony Express.  Robb believes that the service will be useful and make this easier for those who use it, but, agrees with Chris that you are just giving Google too much information about yourself when it comes to paying bills.

We talk Neptune Suite, Cortana heading to iOS and Android, Super Troopers 2 and the Meow game, and, why Robb is not yet sold on multi-platform app development in Windows 10.  We've got all this, our picks, and more in episode #249 of the SMRpodcast.

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