Posted December 20, 2013
SMRPodcast #192: The Hang out

Episode #192 of the SMRpodcast has been recorded, is online, and ready for download.  Rod Simmons is out, so Robb, Chris, and, guest host Terrance Gaines, a.k.a., Brothatech, hit you with a Chicken Wings and Beer show to close out 2013.

Nielson released its list of US year end numbers for 2013.  Facebook is the number one mobile application in the county with over 103 million unique users, and, Google makes a strong showing with with the next 5 apps on the list.  Android and iOS dominate the smartphone OS market with 52% and 41% share respectively and everything else share the remaining 7%.
Brothatech is rocking the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, and, although there are some things that he likes about the watch, such as the the camera, he says consumers should pass on it until Samsung updates the device.
We discuss rumors of an 8-inch Surface RT device coming out.  Robb, Chris, and Terrance would be eager to get their hands on it.  We also talk about about the rumored Nokia tablet which will run RT.
We can't wait until the second season of House of Cards comes out, Beyonce's album release could be industry changing, and no one thinks Instagram's new direct message features are that big of a deal.  We've got all this, our picks, and more in episode #192 of the SMRPodcast.
We would also like to wish all of our listeners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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  • Recorded: December 18th, 2013
  • Published: December 19th, 2013
  • Duration: 01hr 39min 00sec



Big stories we covered this week

  • BrothaTech joins the show and gives us his thoughts on the Galaxy Gear
  • We talk about the top websites of 2013 list
  • Rumors of an 8 inch Surface Tablet

Other stories we covered this week

  • Beyonce's secret album release and what it means for the future
  • Netflix Show House of cards and other movies

Picks of the Week