Posted October 30, 2013
SMRPodcast #186: Ahh Man

SMRpodcast #186 has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download.  It's earnings week for Apple and Nokia, but, we start the show off with why Chris like Pacific RIM and Robb doesn't, followed by the story behind the complete and total destruction of the screen on Chris' Lumia 1020…

They don't do the “Jacked Up” segment on ESPN's Sunday Countdown any longer, but, if they did, Chris' poor Windows Phone would be featured.
Apple still sells iPhones hand over fist, but, although iPad sales are strong, Android tablet sells are strong as well.
Rod ordered a new iPhone 5S directly from Apple and was told that it would ship in roughly three weeks.  The next day Rod got a confirmation letting him know that his device has shipped.  Rod wonders if shipping times are purposefully exaggerated to make the iPhone look like it is more demand than it actually is, but Robb and Chris both think that Rod shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Cross platform BBM has crossed the 20 million download mark and is doing amazingly well, however, isn't feature rich enough or cross platform enough (yet) to replace other IM clients on the crew's devices.
Chris' 8″ Dell Windows 8.1 tablet has shipped, Microsoft's Office 365 passes 2 million subscribers, and Netflix pipe dreams about simultaneous releases of big budget movies to movie theaters and in home streaming.  We got all this, our picks, and more in Episode #186 of the SMRPodcast.

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  • Recorded: October 29th, 2013
  • Published: October 30th, 2013
  • Duration: 01hr 33min 00sec



Big stories we covered this week

  • Chris has done the unthinkable with his phone
  • Apple, Microsoft and Nokia all announce their numbers
  • Netflix is starting a new service

Fun stories we covered this week

  • Chris's tablet has shipped
  • BBM is taking off should we care
  • Our thoughts on Google Watch

Picks of the Week