Posted June 27, 2012
SMRpodcast #123: Chicken Wings and Beer Part 5

It's another Chicken Wings and Beer episode of the 123rd installment of the SMRpodcast. Rod is on vacation, but, Chris and Robb hold it down and discuss a lot of Windows Phone 8, Google I/O, and RIM possibly splitting into two divisions.

We also debate why or why not developers decide to create Windows Phone Apps, talk about SwiftKey 3, and, talk about the updated Facebook Messenger for both iOS and Android. We've got all this and more in episode #123 of the SMRpodcast…

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Show Details

  • Recorded: June 26th, 2012
  • Published: June 27th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 19min 00sec


  • Rod Simmons @RodSimmons
  • Chris Ashley @bigcashley
  • Robb Dunewood @RobbDunewood


Opening Thoughts

  • Chris talks about his summer exercise
  • Robb is feeling his age
  • Rod is out this week
  • We start off talking about Windows Phone 8
  • Robb is wondering if Microsoft is going to make their own phones
  • Chris lists out the features that were mentioned for the new release
  • We discuss the lack of upgrade for current Windows Phones
  • Chris explains that most new Windows Phone users won’t care about an upgrade
  • Robb agrees that it still sucks for current users
  • RIM is Back in the news
  • Robb mentions that RIM may be sold off into different parts
  • Chris asks about the leaked BBM interface
  • Robb explains why BBM is irrelevant now

Quick Hits

  • Google IO is this week
  • Spotify hurts Pandora’s stock
  • Facebook Messenger Updated
  • Apples new Podcasting App

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