Posted August 3, 2015
SMRpodast Episode 264: Windows 10 Mania

SMRpodcast episode #264 has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download.  For the first time in nearly in over a month you've got Robb, Rod, and Chris all on the show at the same time so we do some catching up while we talk about tech over the last week.

The big news this week was definitely the release of Windows 10.  Chris and Robb both installed it having not played with any of the betas and they both like it a lot.  We will hit you with a full review in one of the upcoming episodes.

There is a report of a Android MMS exploit from cyber security firm Zimperium which is estimated to affect more than 950 million Android users.  This is a bad one where a malicious code can be attached to an MMS message, which are automatically downloaded to your phone by Google Hangouts.  Google has already released a patch for this exploit, but, the problem for most users is that they must wait until their carrier pushes the update to their device.  This could take months, or, possibly never come if you have an older device.

Rod got the new MacBook, Robb got a new timepiece, and Chris ordered a new Nexus 6 while recording this episode so that he can check out Project Fi.  We've got all this, or picks, and more in episode number 264 of the SMRpodcast.

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Macbook —  Latest ultrabook from Apple — One word speed reading bookmarklet for webpage reading.

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