Posted January 17, 2023
New Year, New Passwords: SMRpodcast 575

SMRpodcast episode #575 is online and ready for download. This is the first show of 2023 and Rod is traveling, but the big fellas have a good one for you.

Gadget heads like Chris and Robb are difficult to surprise with good gifts, but, every now and again, even the hardest to buy for loved ones can get got with the perfect surprise.

The LastPass security breach is way worse than initially thought, and, as far as SMR is concerned, we can no longer recommend it at this point.

ChatGPT is taking the tech news space by storm, but, be careful taking its word as gospel.

And we, have some pretty good picks this week.

We've got all this and more in episode #575 of SMRpodcast.

Show Information

Chris Ashley  @bigchrisashley
Robb Dunewood  @robbdunewood
Rod Simmons  @rodsimmons

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