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Three genuine friends get together every week to discuss the latest in tech news with each having a unique perspective because of the platforms they support. The show is better than most podcasts because not only are we funny be we have a personal side of the show where every listener will feel like a friend of the show.

About the Hosts

Chris Ashley (@bigcashley)

I am a ridiculous tech enthusiast that is not afraid to be biased. I generally like all things Microsoft. Of all the tech that I love, mobile tech is my favorite. Most of my friends consider me a pretty fair person and very loyal. However my low tolerance for b.s. makes me a pretty brash guy. When not dealing with gadgets powerlifting, movies and barbequing can easily get me through the day.

Rod Simmons (@RodSimmons)

I have spent most of my professional career in enterprise software market. I currently work for one of the largest software companies worldwide. My job revolves around changing technologies and allows me to experiment with technology. I mainly started Simple Mobile Review to answer the repetitive question for friends about technology.


Robb Dunewood (@RobbDunewood)

Robb is the founder of RIMarkable, Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings, and numerous other websites that you've either never heard of, or, Robb can't remember the name of.  A full-time manager by day, and, part-time tech blogger/web designer by night; Robb, somehow,  has managed to get over 35 million people to be interested enough to read something he's had to say over the past 7 or 8 years…