Posted June 30, 2010
SMRPodcast #26: People are too nice

Hosts: Rod Simmons, Chris Ashley, Robb Dunewood
Recorded: June 23rd, 2010
Published: June 24th, 2010
Duration: 1hr 17min 09sec

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RIM has it's earnings call today

  • Rob says the numbers were great but most of the categories were off
  • Rod says they needed to get their new phones out
  • Chris says the new phones better be out before Phone 7 hits

Apple has some good news and bad news this week

  • Chris is wondering what people will get in a class action lawsuit against Apple
  • Robb says the antennae issue is a big deal
  • Apple sells 1.7 million phones
  • Rod says it is interesting that Congress is looking into Apple and iAds

Microsoft drops the price of the Kin 1 and Kin 2

  • Rod says they are a penny on Amazon
  • Robb says people want to touch the phone
  • Chris is wondering if the phone is in trouble

Microsoft bringing Office to other platforms

  • Chris says it is bitter sweet
  • Rod says they need keep it in the web and cut Apple out

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Connectify (Laptop Internet Sharing) Chris Ashley (SimpleMobileReview)

PrimoCube Battery Charger / Mobile Checkbook (Battery Charger / Checkbook Balance App) Robb Dunewood (RIMarkable)

Special Thanks to Laura Tsaggaris for the Music

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Laura Tsaggaris is a Pittsburgh, PA native, who now calls Washington, DC home. Laura is currently touring and working in support of her second full-length independent recording, Keep Talking. Tsaggaris has delivers a focused collection of songs peppered with hard-won insight. Her unique writing style, electric stage performance, and glowing national press for this new record serve as proof that Laura Tsaggaris has arrived and is here to stay.

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