Posted March 25, 2010
#12 The Country of North Carolina

Record Date Wed March 24th 2010

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Rod Simmons (SimpleMobileReview)

Chris Ashley (SimpleMobileReview)

Robb Dunewood (RIMarkable)

Show Topics

Samsung commercial where a guy sets the SMS speed record

  • New Technology called Swype being used
  • Robb says he if it is on a Windows Mobile Phone he is not interested

Research in Motion should buy Palm

  • Robb says with the state they are in it would be a good move
  • Rod says they should follow the Microsoft and Danger model
  • Chris is wondering why DirecTV built them an APP and not Windows Phone

Google VS. China Continues

  • Google moves search servers to Hong Kong
  • China Blocks web requests to those servers
  • Rod says Google is in it for the press
  • Chris says mentioning personal info changes the game and is more sincere
  • Robb is right in the middle

AT&T to release Femtocell devices nationwide

  • Chris says he will get one the day it comes out
  • Rod says why are they charging customers to make their network better
  • Robb likes the technology overall

Kindle for iPad

  • Rod is wondering how it got through Apples strict rules
  • Robb has a theory why

Mentioned Links

Mayor jumping into the freezing water

Robb's New Bike


Picks of the Week

Vlingo for BlackBerry ( Text to Speech/Speech to Text ) Robb Dunewood (RIMarkable)

Case-Mate Barely There Case ( BlackBerry Storm Case ) Rod Simmons (SimpleMobileReview)

SXRADIO2 (Satellite Radio Streaming App ) Chris Ashley (SimpleMobileReview)

Special Thanks to Louis Andrews for the Music

Album Title: Move it Girl

Song Title: So Thick



Louis ANDREWS (Louis XVI) was born and raised in Washington, D.C. It was not until he moved to the suburbs of Maryland that he became interested in music. In 1992 he started working with producer/school mate Ramont “Poodie Bangas” Prather. In 1994 Louis ANDREWS made his first solo studio recording titled “Hard Times”. Louis XVI and Poodie Bangas later formed a group called Underground Lab Productions (ULP) with another local artist and released a album ‘Rappin' without a Contract which included the hit song “From the Burbs to the Projects”. Louis XVI recorded his 3rd studio project “GAME OVER” with Poodie Bangas under the name the Frontrunners. As of late he has been recording mix-tapes and has been working on releasing his first full length solo album.

His 2010 solo debut will high lighted by songs like Sexy and Brother. In the mean time, keep checking his page for updates and more info

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