Posted March 11, 2010
#10 Pardon the Dust During Construction

Record Date Wed March 10th 2010

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Show Topics

Conan and Leo On Twitter

  • The unbelievable power they have to affect Twitter

Social Networking and GPS

  • Facebook and Twitter adding geo-location to their apps
  • Chris says this is not good for people who owe money.
  • Robb says it's a good way to run from family.

Windows Phone Market Share going to Android

  • Chris' feelings are hurt
  • Rod and Robb expected it
  • Motorola BackFlip Flap
  • Root your Droid no need for the Nexus One

HTC HD2 Will anybody buy this phone?

  • Rod says no
  • Robb says Yes.
  • Chris is considering it.

Picks of the Week

Special Thanks to Ty from Legion Steel for the Music

The song we used in this podcast was Know You Better.

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Booking: Ty at ChamberMasters dot com