Posted February 25, 2010
#08 To Old to Social Daddy

Record Date Wed Feb 24th 2010

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Show Topics

Social Networking Craze

  • Robb is still trying to understand the appeal?
  • Why do people want everyone to know everything?
  • Are people setting themselves up to be robbed?
  • Chris thinks there is a Social Networking Responsibility.

Google Buzz Still Making Mistakes

  • Will Google get it right?
  • This does nothing to help with Rod and Robb’s paranoia.

MagicJack has some Shady Business Practices

  • Robb says people should wait until the dust settles before using the service
  • Chris does a Technological Level Set about MagicJack

The Future of Microsoft

  • Another writer makes a ridiculous statement
  • Rod says the writer crazy
  • Robb is looking for a mobile future.

Amazon and Microsoft Strike a deal

  • Did Microsoft have something on Amazon?
  • Will Microsoft use the technology they got in the deal?
  • This is not the first time they have worked together.

Amazon has to raise the price of eBooks.

  • Another Gangster Move By Steve Jobs?
  • Rod is considering smashing his Kindle

Apple removes 5000 apps from app store

  • Why is apple censoring apps
  • Are they applying their policy across the board?

Mentioned Links

Picks of the Week

  • redbox – (Rent Movies for a dollar) – Robb Dunewood ( RIMarkable )
  • Home Screen Customizer (Change the WinMo 6.5 Default Home screen) – Chris Ashley ( SimpleMobileReview )
  • RedLaser ( Barcode Scanner Tool )–

Special Thanks to Ty from Legion Steel for the Music

The song we used in this podcast was Know You Better.

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