SMRPodcast #228: A little social talk

SMRpodcast episode #228 has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download.  We've got a full crew this episode after a 1 week hiatus last week.  We start the show off with a Chicken Wings and Beer type flair as we ponder what "probable cause" really means while Robb and Chris recollect on not so positive encounters with law enforcement. Rod gives us the rundown on … [Read more...]

SMRPodcast #227: More Hands

Episode #227 of the SMRpodcast has been recorded, is online, and is ready for download.  This week we start of a discussion of how Rod doesn't hate his brand new iPhone 6 Plus.  This isn't a complement, however, because he dislikes the device significantly so. We also talk a bit about "Bendgate" and ponder if the ease of which the iPhone 6 Plus can be bent is a thing or not … [Read more...]

SMRPodcast #226: It only happens to you

SMRpodcast #226 has been recorded, is online, and, is ready for download. We are back to a full crew this week and we kick the show off with the story of how Rod never seems to get that "Apple Store" level of customer service whenever he goes into an Apple Store. Sticking with Apple news, we discuss how often people seem to be dropping the the iPhone 6, how easily the iPhone 6 … [Read more...]

SMRPodcast #225: Chicken Wings And Beer Part 25

SMRpodcast Episode #225 has been recorded and is online.  It's just Robb and Chris this week so we hit you with another edition of Chicken Wings and Beer. We start the show off with the epic saga of "splintering the cord" and getting his Tivo set up.  The stars were just not in aliment with Chris' desire to get rid of Direct TV. We also talk about the self inflicted … [Read more...]